Paper Not Foil – Large- Pack of 500 sheets


PAPER NOT FOIL is a revolutionary sustainable hair foil. Made from construction waste, it causes no harm to our environment and provides benefits to all users during its lifecycle.

This pack includes 500 sheets.

The average salon uses 1.5 km of aluminium foils per month. That’s a lot of waste! Even foil that is “recycled” has limited reuse. Paper Not Foil can be re-used, is recyclable and photo-degradable.

Our foils help our salons reduce a lot of waste and save over 50% on their foil costs. Stylists love them, they are pre-cut and fast to use. Your clients will love how quiet they are in their hair and they don’t scratch either.

Our packs come in two sizes, with 500 pieces in each pack. This is equivalent to a 200 m roll.


Paper Not Foil is made from recycled industrial scraps and degrades with no toxic waste. Off-cuts are recycled at the mill


Only 1% of salons recycle their aluminium foils. Paper Not Foil can be both recycled and reused up to 3 times.


Our sustainable mineral paper uses 96% less energy to produce than aluminium and no water is used in the manufacturing process.


The chalk-like texture provides good grip to the hair, enhancing client comfort and increasing creativity in your salon.

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