CHI Sunglitz Weaving Caps -Pack of 20


  • How To Use
  • Please follow manufacturer’s packaged instructions.
    1. Apply few drops of Sunglitz Repair & Shine into the hair and leave in
        Brush the hair into direction you wish to style the hair
    2. Place Sunglitz Speed Weaving Cap on the head by first placing your left hand on the forehead
        and by using your right hand pull the cap snugly to the nape area.
        Open the wings from your speed weaving cap and tie a knot under the chin.
    3. Start to pull highlights with Sunglitz Weaving hook from the nape area and work your way up.
    4. Start the application from the darkest part of the hair, usually nape area.
        Wearing gloves, apply Lightener generously to the hair to be lightened using 1/8 “ sub
        sections. Make sure all strands are covered.
    5. Paint the desired Color Brighteners/Toners over your application. Push it with a Sunglitz Artist
        Fan Brush to penetrate through the Lightener into hair. Start the timing when the application
        is completed.
    6. Wipe a strand clean to check the progress every 3-5 minutes.

    Weaving Hooks available separately


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I have been a client of Well in Touch since first starting my salon in 2013. After a lot of research, I chose CHI because of the organic based colours and products. We have been very impressed with the quality and results of these products and so have our clients. Anne and Fiona, at Well in Touch, have been lovely to deal with, have provided quality training and have been very responsive to our business needs. Nothing seems too much trouble for them. I cannot recommend Well in Touch more highly.
Elaine MacIntosh
Owner Hair Salon
I have been using CHI for over 18 years and love the products from Farouk Systems USA. The colours cover grey, give a great shine and my clients love their hair. Well in Touch offer a great service and are very supportive to my business. I highly recommend CHI as a professional Hairdresser.
Annette Gledhill
Owner Hair Salon
As I have a large clientele my needs are not only about the product.... CHI is amazing and suits not only my needs as a professional Hairdresser but also meets the needs of my clients. The girls at Well in Touch offer great service, support with professionalism and a smile and cheery voice.... I would definitely recommend.
Nicola Tohiariki
Owner Hair Salon

Well In Touch supplies a wide range of safe, pure hair care products and vibrant natural hair colour choices to the hairdressing industry and general public. We also educate hair professionals about the enormous benefits of using our organic, ammonia-free professional salon supplies.


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